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I think of Emma not so much as a personal trainer but a sort of personal miracle worker – part coach/yogi/stretch guru/physio/case worker/masseuse/rehab/trainer.

I see her for only half an hour 2 or 3 times a week, but she has patiently managed to help me to get results where many have tried and failed. And entertained me along the way, so it’s really a pleasure getting up at 6am (no, really !).  After a bad skiing accident in 2008 I’d had an upper left humerus replacement, and 4 subsequent ortho operations, hydrodilations, shiatsu, yoga, acupuncture etc et al – but not much joy getting back to normal movement. I went from a very active midlife hard working executive, swimming, rowing, skiing, and cycling, to making repeated but depressingly sluggish attempts at quite low level fitness programs, seriously hampered by one pretty useless painful left arm and shoulder.

Started working with Emma in early 2013 at the gym after trying her stretch classes.  It’s now March 2014.  She has been absolutely critical to helping me reach near-complete recovery and mobility after my ‘last gasp’ November 2013 left shoulder replacement.  I’m feeling well on the way to normality and better overall strength and fitness – already confidently cycling and swimming again.  Emma has liaised with my surgeon and physio – so they are happy we have a coordinated approach.  I should also add, for those who don’t need Emma for this sort of rehab training, that she is also real fun – always positive, a source of intelligent conversation, and empathetic to whatever mood or condition you happen to turn up to train in.  I think Emma is the best PT I’ve had, and I’ve had many,  all over the world over the years.

Jenny Beresford
Digital and Technology Executive

I love how the focused stretching is effective at unwinding my muscle stiffness while making me calm and elated.

Before learning with Emma, my mindset was pursuing strength by training my external muscles heavily.  Through understanding that my true strength came from within, i completely switched my training to strengthening my core and elongating my entire muscle structure.  True strength came from breath and calm, letting go of control, allowing my body to completely relax, rebuilding it from the inside out, connecting the flow of my energy.

Emma Honey is one of the few individuals in Melbourne’s health/fitness industry that I refer some of my clients to see.  She has a multi discipline of physical health and fitness, through Yoga, life coaching, Massage and Personal Training and has a true understanding of how to get you to fix yourself.

I have 9 years experience as Massage therapist and Personal trainer and do not suffer fools.  Emma has helped me strengthen and stabilise my right shoulder and left hip through massage, pointing out where my imbalances are through my exercise movements and most importantly her stretching regime and understanding of how to stretch the required muscles is outstanding.

Emma’s massage has a caring safe and nurturing nature, enough that I usually go to sleep and always feel recharged afterwards.  However the work on my right shoulder/arm/neck was ideal, I could feel the pain but it was bearable and always had more range of movement when she was finished.

The stretching routine was inspiring, for the first time in 4 years I understood why my left hip and right shoulder have been so messed up.  Now I could fix and rehab my old injuries properly working on strengthening the weak unused muscles and relaxing the overused muscles.  Thank you Emma for the benefits you have given to my clients and helping me fix my right shoulder and left hip.

Matt Kirk
Strength and Conditioning Coach, Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer

I initially approached Emma for help with a shoulder / rotator cuff complaint, as I wanted to get back into the pool, and in the past, working with a personal trainer did the job.

But working with Emma was a whole new way of approaching exercise: I’d always been dismissive of anything vaguely Pilates-like, “its for girls”.  But Instead of primarily focusing on how big a weight I could lift, I shifted my concentration to my core and posture. The results were amazing.  I am lifting more efficiently, I am walking taller, my ab strength has increased dramatically without having to do hours of boring ab work!  And, TA DAH, shoulder fixed!

Emma is a delight to spend time with, incredibly motivating, explains things in a way I can understand, and is great value.

I would highly recommend Emma Honey for any form of body work / improvement / personal training.

David Baru
OPT Program Change Manager, ANZ Global Services; Operations

I first met Emma in 2004 having joined Hunts gym. Emma wrote my introductory program and feeling instantly comfortable with her I enquired about personal training. Since then I have gone from dreading exercise to loving it, and could almost be classed as a gym junkie (alright Emma forget the almost!).

As Emma would tell you the first thing I said was “I can’t run and can’t do push-ups or crunches”. Well now I run most days and have recently entered into the Run for the Kids which will be my longest run ever. I also love my abs exercises! I have lost over 20 kilos and feel fitter and more energetic that I ever remember. All this is in no small part thanks to Emma who has managed to keep me motivated all the way. When training with Emma I always feel like her number one priority. My program is constantly changing to work towards my specific needs, goals and strengths and Emma is happy to listen to any suggestions I might have.

A trainer alone won’t make you achieve your goals but with the right trainer and your own motivation there is nothing you can not achieve. I would now be comfortable to train on my own but get so much motivation and new and varied training techniques from Emma that I look forward to my sessions every week.

Thanks Emma, I still think you’re great, even after making me do Burpees!!!

Daniel Zarb

After several years of working out on my own, with only snail pace results, I made the decision to commit to a personal trainer.  Little did I know Emma Honey was more than that.  Her style is unique because of her background in PT,  massage and yoga. This gives her such a knowledge of how the body works.  She’s sensitive but also pushes you that bit more as you progress.  I’m stronger and leaner because of Emma.

Rani Vecera, Owner and Head Acupuncturist, Bump Acupuncture

I am delighted to recommend Emma Honey as an outstanding Wellness and Life Coach. She has been my Personal Trainer for 11 years and during that time I have driven various distances a couple of times a week to ensure she keeps me in peak condition. I wouldn’t change it.

She is a happy and nurturing person by nature. Add to that skillsets she has learned over many years and you have somebody very special.

Her knowledge of the body and how it works is important. She knows it’s mechanisms and thus can be precise in making sure technique is perfect. This is especially important as the body ages.

She is the best person I know in one of her specialities- stretching. I have seen many other trainers come to Emma to be stretched.

Emma is always passionate, always enthusiastic,always accomodating. A special person.

Gareth Andrews, Life Again Foundation

Emma’s holistic approach to wellbeing and exercise is imparted with a healthy dose of humour and fun. She has worked with me for a year and a half and I have never felt better – both physically and mentally – and we have achieved some fantastic results together. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Jenna Molan, Lawyer

From regular attendees of Yummy Mummy classes:

“Before becoming a Yummy Mummy, I was always tired, disgusted by my post-pregnancy bulges and my husband was sick of seeing me in track pants … thanks to Emma, my svelte new shape has heads turning all over the neighbourhood!”

“This workout fitted so well into my weekly schedule because Emma dealt with my baby whatever state she was in!”